Makeup Collection

Welcome to Beautypod's Makeup Collection, an exquisite selection of beauty essentials crafted for the discerning makeup enthusiast in Auckland and across New Zealand. Featuring premium brands such as Jane Iredale Skincare Makeup, Osmosis Color, Revitalash, LiLash, and Bite, our collection is a tribute to quality, innovation, and elegance. Each product is carefully selected to enhance your natural beauty, ensuring a flawless finish for every occasion.

Why Choose Our Makeup Collection?

Our collection stands out for its diversity and quality, embracing the latest trends and timeless classics alike. From the skincare-infused makeup of Jane Iredale to the vibrant shades of Osmosis Color, and from the enhancing formulas of Revitalash and LiLash to the luxurious textures of Bite, Beautypod brings you the best in beauty right here in New Zealand.